Hyodol Co., Ltd. has operated the Senior Design Research Institute, which researches services, policies, and solutions necessary for the aging society since its establishment in 2009.

Now, we provide A Socially Assistive Chat Robot ‘Hyodol’ and its services for older adults.

‘Hyodol’ supports the elderly especially those who live alone and disabled to relieve loneliness/depression. It also supports their daily lives, physical health, and the improvement of their cognitive functions. We help improve older adults' quality of life and get happiness in old age.


Make Your Daily Life More Lively and Less Lonely


Adorable & Affordable Companion Platform


Year Contents
2022 Korean-American Pilot Test in NYC / English-speaking Hyodol Prototype
2020 Company Name Changed (Studio Cross Culture → Hyodol)
2019 Released LTE version of Hyodol
2018 Released NB-IoT version of Hyodol (EOL)
2017 Released Wi-Fi version of Hyodol (EOL)
2016 Prototype of Hyodol
2015 Research about solo living older adults in Seoul/New Jersey
2011 Establishment of R&D Center
2009 Establishment of company
                                           ** *COMPANION ROBOT (for the elderly)***


    **   *MOBILE APP (for the guardian)*** 



           ***WEB MONITORING SYSTEM*** 

                  ***(for the institution)***